Avengers 30 day challenge (my next project for this blog, i’ll do this later)

Day 1: Favorite Pre-Avengers Movie 
Day 2: Favorite Avenger 
Day 3: Least Favorite Avenger 
Day 4: Favorite Non-Avenger 
Day 5: Favorite Villain 
Day 6: Favorite Fight Scene 
Day 7: Favorite Official Art  
Day 8: Favorite Fan Art  
Day 9: Favorite Avengers Merchandise 
Day 10: Underrated Character 
Day 11: Overrated Character 
Day 12: Favorite Animated Gif 
Day 13: Favorite Location 
Day 14: Saddest Moment 
Day 15: Favorite Pairing 
Day 16: Marvel Character You Wish Was Included 
Day 17: Favorite Poster 
Day 18: Favorite Quote 
Day 19: Funniest Quote 
Day 20: Favorite Eyes 
Day 21: Favorite Actor 
Day 22: Favorite Name 
Day 23: Power You Wish You Had 
Day 24: Favorite Costume 
Day 25: Favorite Weapon 
Day 26: Funniest Moment 
Day 27: Movie With the Best Soundtrack 
Day 28: Character You’re Most Like 
Day 29: Saddest Character Death 
Day 30: Favorite Moment 

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Posted on Sunday, 1 July
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